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Venezuela: An Unprecedented Tragedy.

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Abogada Margaret Donelly
Dallas, Texas. By Frank Gavidia.
Red Joven Venezuela

What is happening in my country has no precedent in the region. A government that accesses power through democratic mechanisms and uses democracy to subvert it, seeking contexts that allow it to consolidate a tyranny that leaves the population to the greatest vexation with the only pursue to maintain the power, no matter the cost. At least 123 highest government officials are accused of being involved in criminal activities, such as drug trafficking. The criminal permeation of many public institutions, and the fact that these represent the main organs of the State in the fight against organized crime, means that in Venezuela neither exist the conditions to stop the organized crime. This scenario constitutes an atypical case of what could be classified as a “Narco State”.

Venezuela is living an authentic tragedy. The human dimension of this debacle has been  well summed up in statements offered by Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: “In a recent survey, more than one million of children have stopped going to school, most of them because their parents are not capable to provide them with breakfast;  because school lunch programs have collapsed; because of the lack of public transportation at affordable prices, or because the lack of teachers and school personnel, many of whom have left the country. ” By other hand, according to the Criminal Forum, at least 12,414 Venezuelans have been arrested for political reasons from June 2014 to 2018.  No less than three million Venezuelans have forcibly abandoned their homeland in search of a better future for themselves and their families.

The World Bank defines am individual as poor when earns less than $ 1.9 a day: in Venezuela, the monthly salary at the official exchange rate is $ 3.46, or $ 0.11 in the so called black market. In other words: Venezuelans are poorer every day and we will be in a worst situation, a reality that was never ever think. Our young people are condemned to misery. It is an authentic social hecatomb. They have crucified the entire country. We could say today that Venezuela will be soon the Somalia of Latin America.

Venezuelan population is impoverished and lives under the sign of insecurity and economic uncertainty, the bankruptcy of the national agricultural and livestock production, industrial backwardness, along with corruption, constitute the main cause of the problem that overwhelms the majority of the population: the high cost of living and general shortages of food, medicines and basic products.

The repudiation against the regime is evident. Citizens want an exit to the crisis and they want it already. We want Maduro to be out of power, Venezuela needs it and demands it. That is part of our struggle, that is the telluric reason that moves our actions.

The imposition of a totalitarian political model and a failed economic system have destroyed the ability of citizens to fend for themselves and to support each other. The policies of the regime, instead to care the needs of the most vulnerable populations, have deepened the dependence and social control through instruments of political persecution that have aggravated the systematic violation of human rights. Venezuelans have been equated socially in our scarcity.

Many of you wonder what is the reason for the existence of two presidencies in a decimated country. The doubt is understandable. But, in Venezuela there are no two presidents: after the realization of presidential elections outside the period that demands the constitution and the internal and international no recognition of the electoral farce made by the regime on May 20, 2018, a situation not foreseen constitutionally was created. To fill this gap, the constitution was interpreted on the basis of articles 233, 333 and 350, leaving the National Assembly as the only legitimate body to assume the vacuum, under the promulgation of one Statute that governs the transition to democracy and restore the validity of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In this case, in Venezuela there is an acting legitimate president prevented from taking office given the usurpation by those who today maintain the political power in Venezuela. That is, there is a legitimate presidency along with a factual exercise of power, but not two presidential figures.

Thanks to the decision of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó is leading the transition process towards democracy. The results of this feat can be confirmed with the recognition of more than 60 countries and international organizations, the appointment of 40 ambassadors, the control of CITGO (Petroleum Corporation) and the prohibition of oil shipments to Cuba. Every day more Armed Forces officials decide to be side of the constitution and at least 100 million dollars have been collected for humanitarian aid, a cause that have counted with the participation at least 1 million volunteers. All these steps points to a definitive process of usurpation’s cessation, and the guarantee of a after day plan after called “Country Plan”.

For us, the challenge for Latin America is to understand the meaning of the Venezuelan debacle: To understand the fragility of our political systems, structures that are not prepared to endure the attacks of governments with a totalitarian vocation.

Our historic duty is to alert Latin America  what is happening in Venezuela could happen to any country if there is no real balance of public powers, where the role of parliament is pondered as a priority, the necessity to strength the interparliamentary union for the detection of no democratic attitudes. It is a principle for understanding that democracy is not limited to choose. Democratic system also requires compliance with procedures that guarantee the rights of individuals, coexistence, preeminence of institutions over particular interests and the impossibility that a circumstantial majority crush the basis of coexistence that allows the politics in freedom.
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