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Así lo anunció la organización de derechos civiles latina más antigua y más grande del país. La resiliencia y la determinación están marcando la diferencia.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – La Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC) está formada por voluntarios que dan de su tiempo y recursos para ayudar a otros en sus comunidades en temas de justicia social y derechos civiles. El 2021 promete ser aún más ocupado y LULAC estará allí celebrando todas las culturas en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. Por supuesto, traemos nuestra propia especia especial de menudo y pozole o lechón y pasteles de plátano con carne de cerdo, además de nuestros buñuelos favoritos con café y pan dulce que más de 60 millones de latinos tienen para ofrecer y lo invitamos a unirse a nosotros.

En este momento de alegría, también es importante hacer una pausa y revisar las muchas batallas difíciles que LULAC emprendió en el 2020 sobre los temas más críticos de nuestro tiempo. Tómese unos minutos para hacer clic en cualquiera de los enlaces siguientes:

●        LULAC Asks For Federal Aid To Puerto Rico Following 6.4 Earthquake

●        LULAC Warns Against Fear Of “The Other” Following Detentions

●        LULAC Speaks Out On Racist Agenda With Addition Of New Countries To Travel Ban

●        LULAC Denounces USCIS Public Charge Rule Implementation

●        LULAC National Leadership Reacts to President Trump’s State of the Union Address

●        LULAC: Migrants Deported By Trump Administration Have Been Killed Upon Returning To Dangerous Conditions In Home Country

●        LULAC: Federal Hate Crime Charges Against El Paso Walmart Suspect Only The Beginning Of Justice And Healing

●        LULAC Historic Court Win Forces Pesticide Off Market

●        LULAC Connects Critical Latino Voting Block With Presidential Candidates In The Key Battleground State Of Nevada

●        LULAC & NCOA Join Forces In 2020

●        LULAC Calls for Termination of North Brunswick Police Department Director and Urges Independent Investigation by NJ Attorney General Following Reports of Racial Profiling

●        LULAC Emerge Latino Conference Says Do It Now!

●        LULAC Vows To Continue Fighting For One-Person, One-Vote Voting Rights Principal In The US Supreme Court

●        LULAC’s State Of Latino America Summit Tells Latino Youth Take Charge Of Your Futures

●        LULAC Youths Hit Capitol Hill On Day 3 Of Emerge Latino Conference

●        LULAC Makes Impact In DC With 23rd Annual Legislative Awards Gala

●        LULAC Expresses Outrage, Commits To Aggressively Fight DOJ’s New Office To Strip Citizenship From Americans

●        LULAC Applauds Federal Appeals Court Ruling Blocking The Trump Administration’s Dangerous ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy

●        Super Tuesday Minority Voters Were Latest Victims of the Voting Rights Act Gutting

●        LULAC: International Women’s Day Is A Time For Equity And Justice

●        LULAC Calls Coronavirus: Global Emergency

●        LULAC Addresses Millions of Latino Seniors Everywhere, Don’t Feel Discouraged

●        LULAC Calls For Immediate Government Assistance For Latino Communities Impacted By The Coronavirus Pandemic

●        LULAC, Farmworker Justice & Justice for Migrant Women Join Forces Calling for Legislation that Protects Working Families

●        LULAC Launches Website To Help The Latino Community Access Critical COVID-19 Information And Resources

●        LULAC Issues Statement On $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill To Address Coronavirus Pandemic And Calls For Inclusiveness Of Communities Of Color

●        LULAC Urges Voters: Call Congress Today to Protect the Immigrant Community

●        LULAC Urges Congress To Step Up And Address People Left Out Of Senate $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill

●        LULAC Analyzes Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

●        LULAC Calls Upon Congress To Provide Protections For Immigrants In The Next COVID-19 Stimulus Package

●        LULAC Demands U.S. Department Of Labor Provide Clear Guidelines To Protect Essential Workers, Especially In The Food Industry

●        LULAC Issues COVID-19 Latino Impact Report

●        LULAC Calls Attention to Florida Unemployment

●        LULAC Says Today’s the Day! ¡Hágase Contar Hoy!

●        LULAC Demands U.S. Department Of Labor Provide Clear Guidelines To Protect Essential Workers, Especially In The Food Industry

●        LULAC Underscores White House Incompetence As Trump Plans To Suspend All Immigration, Despite That Nearly All Immigration Has Already Been Restricted Due To COVID-19

●        LULAC Says Let’s Save Latino Owned Businesses

●        LULAC Urges Illinois Governor To Release Detained Minors At Chicago Facility

●        LULAC Condemns Congress’ Failure To Provide Targeted Support To Communities Of Color In Latest Stimulus Package

●        LULAC Condemns Congress’ Failure To Provide Targeted Support To Communities Of Color In Latest Stimulus Package

●        LULAC and U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Launch Campaign to Save Latino Businesses

●        LULAC Remembers Guillermo ‘Memo’ Garcia, the Latest Victim of the El Paso Shooting, the Deadliest Anti-Latino Attack in Modern History

●        LULAC Responds To Trump Administration Declaring Meat Plants “Critical Infrastructure” And Treating Essential Workers As Disposable

●        LULAC To Meatpacking Company Owners And Elected Leaders: Much More Is Needed Now

●        LULAC: Today’s Cinco de Mayo

●        LULAC Calls For Increased Economic Support For Latinos As Report Shows Hispanics Face Job Loss At Twice The Rate Of Whites

●        LULAC Files Lawsuit With Partners To Challenge Voter Suppression In Texas

●        LULAC Seeks To Join Lawsuit To Protect People Who Test Positive For COVID-19 From Having Their Personal Information Turned Over To Police

●        LULAC Urges Congress To Pass The Heroes Act, Which Provides Overdue Protections For Vulnerable Communities Previously Left Out Of Relief Packages

●        LULAC Joins Coalition In Denouncing Hate Speech

●        LULAC Declares Victory In Texas Vote By Mail Lawsuit

●        LULAC National President Meets With UFCW And JBS Meatpacking Company On Fact Finding Mission

●        LULAC Taking Action So Latinos Are Taken Into Account In U.S.

●        LULAC Demands Stop To “Open Season” On Men Of Color By Bad Police Officers

●        LULAC Thanks Iowa Voters For Defeating Steve King

●        LULAC Statement: We Stand United in Action with Black Lives Matter

●        LULAC Honors Pride Month On the 51st Anniversary of the Stonewall Rights

●        LULAC: Administration’s Act Against The Transgender Community Is Cruel And Wrong

●        LULAC Says Supreme Court Decision For LGBTQ+ Community Historic And Long Overdue

●        LULAC Applauds DACA Decision By U.S. Supreme Court

●        LULAC Joins Mother’s Plea For Zero Enlistment Of Latinas Into Military

●        LULAC Questions Why Fort Hood Investigators “Didn’t Care” About Missing Latino Soldier Found Dead This Week

●        LULAC Says Meatpacking Workers Safety Still A Priority

●        LULAC: Set The Children Free Says Federal Judge

●        LULAC: July 4th Marks The Birth Of Freedom For All

●        LULAC Launches #La Quiero Viva Campaign For Missing Latino Soldier Vanessa Guillen

●        LULAC: Our Deepest Condolences To Vanessa Guillen’s Family

●        LULAC Sends Letter To Texas Governor Greg Abbott

●        LULAC: Texas Governor Heard Us Loud And Clear

●        LULAC Sends Letter To Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

●        LULAC Tells Goya Foods CEO: Apologize Or #GOYAGOTTAGO

●        California LULAC Demands Probe By State Attorney General

●        LULAC: America Has Lost A Great American Hero Of Social Justice

●        LULAC National President Meets With Tyson Foods CEO and Goes On-Site to Berry Street Poultry Plant on Fact Finding Mission

●        LULAC Meeting Leads to U…S. Army Reinstating Slain Latino Soldier

●        LULAC Condemns Trump Memorandum On Census

●        LULAC Says Trump Order Of Federal Agents To Cities Pushes Justice Aside

●        LULAC Sees Texas Elected Officials Best Path To Trump On Census Memo

●        LULAC Leaders Call For Women To Unite Against Gender Attacks

●        LULAC Honors Heroes And Looks Ahead On The One-Year-Anniversary Of El Paso Shooting

●        LULAC Says Shortening Census Period Hurts Latinos

●        LULAC Says America Is Witnessing History

●        LULAC Issues Smithfield Foods Plant Inspection Review

●        LULAC Sees Virtual Summit Success As A Preview To Future Advocacy

●        LULAC Marks The 100-Year Anniversary Of 19th Amendment

●        LULAC Calls For Immediate Investigation In Kenosha, Wisconsin Shooting

●        LULAC Joins Reverend Al Sharpton And Other Civil Rights Leaders For March In Washington

●        LULAC Kicks Off Campaign For Hunger Relief Across USA

●        LULAC Joins Poll Worker Recruitment Day 2020

●        LULAC Says Labor Day 2020 Can Be About Gratitude For America’s Latino Essential Workers

●        LULAC Says Firing Of Houston Police Officers Is The Right First Step

●        LULAC Joins Coalition In Asking: How Are You Feeling Right Now?

●        LULAC Calls for Reflection Upon Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

●        LULAC: Forced Hysterectomies Of Latinas At ICE Facility Are Barbaric

●        LULAC Calls Jailing Of Texas Sheriff And $10K Bond Insufficient In Case Of Afro-Latino’s Death By Police On Reality TV Show

●        LULAC: Presidential Debate Was A Debacle That Hurts America

●        LULAC Files Lawsuit To Stop Texas Governor Voting Rules Changes

●        LULAC Files Lawsuit To Stop Texas Governor Voting Rules Changes

●        LULAC Wins Federal Court Ruling In Texas Voter Suppression Case

●        LULAC: View Native America Story Tapestry On Indigenous Peoples’ Day

●        LULAC Denounces ICE Agents Posing As Police Officers And Calls For Their Firing

●        Federal Appeals Court Blocks LULAC In Texas Voter Suppression Case

●        LULAC To Stage Day Of The Dead Procesión De Honor For The Victims Of COVID-19

●        LULAC Issues Statement On Senate Confirmation Of Amy Coney Barrett

●        LULAC Says This Should Be The Last Latina Equal Pay Day In The USA

●        LULAC Brings Campaign For Hunger Relief Across USA To New York City

●        LULAC Issues Statement On Biden-Harris Victory

●        LULAC Marks Veterans Day 2020 With A Solemn Reminder

●        LULAC Urges Increased Protections For Latinos In U.S.

●        LULAC Praises Choice For Secretary Of Homeland Security

●        LULAC Reminds America, Let Us Remember America’s Latino Essential Workers

●        LULAC Enters Case of Navy Rejecting Sailor’s Diagnosed PTSD

●        LULAC Says More Latinos Are Needed In Biden Cabinet

●        LULAC Mujeres Virtual Summit Makes History

●        LULAC Wants Food, Agricultural And Meat Packing Workers To Get Vaccine First

●        LULAC Says America Should Still Honor Pearl Harbor Day

●        LULAC Mujeres Virtual Summit Empowers Latinas To New Heights

●        LULAC Says It Supports Xavier Becerra Nomination For HHS

●        LULAC: Army’s Actions At Ft. Hood Affirm Vanessa Guillen’s Life

●        LULAC: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Needs To Resign

●        LULAC Takes Action As Congress Makes Progress On New COVID Relief

●        LULAC Calls Selecting Native American For Cabinet Post Historic

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Mayo del 2021 será un año de recuperación del COVID-19 para usted y sus seres queridos. Sepan que el trabajo de LULAC continuará con ferviente dedicación a la misión durante este nuevo año y que Dios los bendiga.

Domingo García

Presidente Nacional de LULAC



La Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC) es la organización de voluntarios de derechos civiles hispanos más grande y antigua del país que empodera a los hispanoamericanos y construye comunidades latinas sólidas. Con sede en Washington, DC y mas de 1.000 concilios en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico, los programas, servicios y defensa de LULAC abordan los problemas más importantes para los latinos, satisfaciendo las necesidades críticas de hoy y del futuro. Para obtener más información, visite https://lulac.org

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