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In early voting Roberto Alonzo asks for the community’s vote

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Abogada Margaret Donelly

Dallas, Texas. By Luis Lara During this past week, early voting for the party primary election.  Early voting began on Tuesday, February 20th and will end this Friday, March 2nd; elections in which Democrats and Republicans will choose their party’s candidates for US Senate and US Representatives at the top of the ballot, to state offices that include Texas State Representatives, county officials such as judges, Sheriff, District Attorneys, Constables, Sheriffs, and Precinct Chairs.  The date for the final election – Election Day – is Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

In the particular case of State House District 104 in which Roberto Alonzo is the Representative to the Texas Legislature, voters will have the opportunity to re-elect him for the 2019-2021 term. State House District 104 covers an area of Southwest Dallas County that includes, primarily, Dallas communities in Oak Cliff, West Dallas, and Arcadia Park; the City of Cockrell; communities in the city of Grand Prairie, and a small portion of South Irving.

State Representative Roberto Alonzo told the editorial office of the newspaper, El Communicator de Dallas, that he extended an invitation and urged voters in District 104 to vote in the early elections of the Democratic Primaries and to support and vote for his re-election to keep him working for them in Austin.

“During my term in office for the years that the voters in District 104 have elected me to represent them in Austin, I have always served my constituents by striving for new laws that favor their interests, that their families are not separated, and fighting that bad and discriminatory laws such as SB4 be not approved,” said Roberto Alonzo, who is running for re-election in 2018.

“I am working to promote laws that help the immigrant community, as well. I have the experience to continue working on issues that most affect this community in District 104. I have also valued knowing that I needed to place first our God, then my family, then my community and, finally, politics,” explained Alonzo.

The current Texas state representative for District 104 in Austin also indicated that he has struggled a lot in Austin to approve a new law that allows granting a driver’s license to non-documented immigrant residents.  “Although I have worked hard to get this measure approved, it has not been possible to win approval of such a law because there are representatives who have the same anti-immigrant thinking of President Trump; arguing that they (immigrants) are criminals and who commit domestic violence, a lie used to argue for not passing this law, ” explained Alonzo.

During the time that Roberto Alonzo has been representing District 104in the Texas Legislature in Austin, one of the many notable legislative moments was when he worked to successfully pass a bill in support of bilingual education. “More than $ 5 million has been given to universities in North Texas to use in educating and certifying their students as bilingual teachers, working to fill a critical teacher shortage and need. In Texas we need more than 10 thousand of this type of teacher.  I am pleased that my hard work paid off and I was able to achieve this success for our community, in general; this amount of money has already served to train 900 teachers,” concluded Alonzo.

“Take this week to vote early. I hope you look at the work I’ve done during my years in Austin as your representative in District 104 and cast your vote in favor of Roberto Alonzo when you go vote,” reiterated the current Texas state representative for District 104.

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