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I thank God and Surgeons of the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas for saving my life

Surgeon Dr. J Mark Poll MD., and Luis Lara.
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I thank God and Surgeons of the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas for saving my life

By Luis Lara- Open heart surgery Dallas, Texas.

Today I want to thank God, cardiologist Dr. Tulio Diaz MD, surgeon Dr. J Mark Poll MD, the entire staff of nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital and the 911 paramedic staff of the city of Dallas. They treated me during the cardiac infarction I had on August 2, 2018, at 1:30 am at my house. I only have words of thanks for all of them

   My wife Raquel picked up the phone to call the 911 emergency and we received the best attention that God can give to a human being; I am fortunate to be telling this story because of the Almighty and the staff that received me that morning.

  Also is time to highlight the work of the 911 Firefighters of the city of Dallas that in a record time of 7 minutes were in front of my home with the first aid team. They examined me and realized the massive heart attack I was suffering and the lack of blood flow to my heart. They took every precaution to prepare me to be taken to the Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital, located at 8200 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75231.

  When I was taken in to the Hospital (in seven minutes) by ambulance of the 911 firemen team, I was blessed to be attended by the Cardiologist Dr. Tulio Diaz MD, and I say blessed because I had met Dr. Diaz previously in a “Gala Dinner” during the celebration of the Independence of Colombia as president of the Colombian Metroplex Association where he was my guest.

  Is a blessing from God that my life was in the hands of a compatriot surgeon like Dr. Diaz born in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia and that he was the one who explained to me the procedure that was about to take place. He knew exactly what was happening with my heart. Dr. Diaz performed a catheterization and found the four blocked arteries that prevented blood from reaching my heart.

  After that procedure, Dr. Diaz suggested to Dr. J Mark Poll MD, that it was necessary to do an open heart surgery to make a “four” bridge or “bypass”. I met Dr. Poll and when he heard about my situation he told me “that the most important thing is to have faith in God”.

Cardiologist Dr. Tulio Diaz MD., and Luis Lara.

  The day of surgery (Saturday, August 4, 2018) at 7:00 am, I arrived smiling and ready for the big day. The first thing Dr. Poll did was hold my hand and my wife’s Raquel and said “let’s pray to God so that he puts his hands in the surgery and everything goes well”; with that prayer, my faith in God increased to a level that I haven’t experienced before. I went into the operation with blind faith and felt that everything was going to be fine because God was at my side. After six (6) hours they woke me up and the first thing I saw was the smile of Dr. Poll and he that the operation was a success.

  I want to highly praise the entire staff of nurses and paramedics of the Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital for the excellent care I received during the eight (8) days I was interned; They were always attentive to my state of health. They were all very professional and very attentive to my delicate situation. I take this opportunity to send a big hug to all of them and may my God bless them today and always.

At the time of writing of this note, 120 days have passed; I feel blessed by God because I am living another stage of my life. I’m taking full advantage of every minute of my life because our creator blessed me with a second opportunity at Life.

Many thanks to all the people who prayed for my speedy recovery, my wife Raquel, my children Gloria Marcela, Ana María and Luis Antonio, my friends, relatives, and acquaintances., Thank you all for your financial help that has helped me enormously in this difficult period.  I am currently on a balanced diet, taking medicine and a workout plan at the gymnasium of the Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital, where every day I am jogging for an hour at a time.

I return and I repeat “I give thanks to God and to the Surgeons of the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas for saving my life”

Luis Lara

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